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Apprenticeship at A. Lange & Söhne

We do not wish to disclose too much, but this is about two of the most fascinating occupations in the world

The fact that our company is at the pinnacle of international precision watchmaking is mainly thanks to our employees. Their passion and their dedication to detail have made our company into something special. For this reason, we have made it into our business to train motivated and talented people in-house. Apart from providing excellent specialist training, our main aim is to stimulate and challenge the individual strengths and creativity of every single person – it is only in this manner that products are created which inspire people all over the world.

Watchmaking apprenticeships (m/f)

The profession of watchmaking is versatile and demanding. As a qualified watchmaker, you will possess many skills, such as assembly and repair in the field of micromechanical engineering as well as drawing up precise construction plans and crafting different individual parts from a variety of materials. In the first place, your skills in craftsmanship and your dedication to detail play an important role as well as the ability to take a fresh look at even the smallest things with continuing concentration and perseverance, again and again. Additionally, as an experienced watchmaker, you will be working together with design and construction engineers. Your knowledge will be sought-after in different domains of watch production, such as for example the test laboratory, prototype building and the restoration of historic watches.

Toolmaking apprenticeships (m/f)

As a toolmaker, you will craft specialist tools and devices for assembly, adjustment and testing of watches and will assist many different domains of watch production in this way. One of the fundamental skills of your profession is the extremely precise processing of metals and polymers within the scope of fixed measurements. You will learn different technical manual skills such as drilling, turning, milling and grinding as well as drawing up and implementing complex technical plans. Your precision work will be aided by CNC-toolmaking machines that you will programme yourself and deploy in order to craft infinitesimal individual parts, specialist housings and tools. As a qualified toolmaker, you will master challenges regarding the smallest of components with a size of a thousandth of a millimetre with sensitivity and dexterity.

Let small things inspire you to great things

Our professions still fascinate to this very day. This is confirmed by almost all generations of apprentices, by staying with us. Be it watchmakers or toolmakers – after successfully completing the apprenticeship with a good or excellent grade, we offer you permanent employment at A. Lange & Söhne.

Qualifications and requirements

  • secondary school (Realschule) or grammar school (Gymnasium) with good or excellent final grades
  • good results in mathematics, physics, German
  • passing our recruitment test
  • skills in craftsmanship and dexterity
  • power of concentration and perseverance
  • interest in watches
  • technical understanding and spatial perception
  • ability to carry out work with meticulousness, accuracy and precision


For more information on the application procedure at A. Lange & Söhne, please contact our Human Resources Department.


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