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Extensive: the overhaul procedure in nine steps

To preserve the precision, the value and the beauty of your timepiece for many generations, we recommend you have your A. Lange & Söhne watch serviced every three to five years. The elaborate procedure comprises nine steps, in which every single movement part of your A. Lange & Söhne watch is carefully inspected and, if necessary, restored to its original condition.

1. Assessment

Upon its arrival at one of our service centres, the condition of your timepiece is carefully assessed by our service watchmakers. You will then receive an acknowledgement of receipt and a cost estimate for your approval.

2. Uncasing

Following confirmation of order, our service watchmakers will uncase your watch: the case and movement are separated and the hands and dial are removed.

3. Disassembly

To avoid marring the meticulously decorated surfaces, the movement of your A. Lange & Söhne watch is totally disassembled with great care. Then, all parts are thoroughly degreased and cleaned with special liquids.

4. Visual inspection

The service watchmakers scrutinise every single movement part. Depending on the model, this may involve the examination of several hundreds of parts. Components that exhibit even the slightest damage are replaced.

5. Reassembly

Now, the movement is reassembled with great care. All bearings and functional surfaces of your timepiece are lubricated with an oil dispenser, a tiny metal needle along which a droplet of oil can glide.

6. Adjusting the rate

The service watchmakers check the rate accuracy of your watch with a timing apparatus and adjust it in five different positions. With minimal modifications and shifts of weight, the balance wheel is poised step by step to optimise the duration of its oscillations.

7. Full check-up

All mechanisms of the completely assembled movement, such as the outsize date, the winding train or complications are checked for flawless functionality and adjusted if necessary.

8. Test run

The check-up is followed by a multi-day run-in phase on a watch winder that simulates the motions of the wrist. This test reveals whether the timepiece retains its accuracy over the long term as well.

9. Final inspection

After the movement has been recased, the second multi-day run-in trial on the watch winder takes place. During the rigorous final inspection of the watch, it is checked for visual flawlessness, water resistance, functional integrity and for a last time, rate accuracy.

Overhaul of complications

The overhaul of complications is extremely demanding. The service watchmakers at A. Lange & Söhne are among the very few specialists worldwide with the extensive watchmaking experience required for assembling and perfectly adjusting the highly complex mechanisms.