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A. Lange & Söhne stopwatches at a glance

Since the widely acclaimed premiere of the DATOGRAPH 16 years ago, the eminent Saxon watch brand has continuously leveraged its expertise in this domain and has developed no fewer than eight trailblazing models with stopwatch functions.

Following the successful presentation of the first four wristwatches in October 1994, a proprietary chronograph calibre was at the top of the list of priorities of A. Lange & Söhne’s product developers. After all, chronographs are a long-standing tradition at Lange. Born 200 years ago, Ferdinand Adolph Lange crafted his first chronograph in 1868. It had a single pusher that allowed the chronograph hand to be started, stopped and reset to zero. So the benchmark was ambitious. The new calibre would have to live up to the venerable brand’s traditionally innovative spirit and establish new standards in contemporary precision watchmaking.

Because of the unique way in which it melds sophisticated technology and eloquent design, the DATOGRAPH became the symbol of the manufactory’s quest for innovation. Today, its movement is considered by industry experts and connoisseurs to be one of the most beautiful chronograph calibres.